TOGAF Distilled

TOGAF Distilled is the title of an exciting new series of videos that I’ve been working on with Orbus Software. The Orbus Software video library is a valuable resource for any enterprise architect, and introduces the benefits of the iServer Product Suite including a tour through them. Checkout these videos: What is Enterprise Architecture? What is…

And for better of worse – but mostly, I believe, for worse – the conception of ‘object’ that has been enshrined in present-day science and analytic philosophy, with its presumptive underlying precision and clarity, is more reminiscent of fastidiously cropped hedge rows, carefully weeded rose gardens, and individually labeled decorative trees, than it is of the endless and rough arctic plain, or of a million-ton iceberg midwifed with a deafening crack and splintering spray from a grimy 10,000-year-old ice flow.”

On the Origin of Objects, Brian Cantwell Smith

Third-Generation Information Architecture

Originally published in Communications of the ACM, this article, written by Roger and Elaine Evernden, describes the three generations of architecture, explains why we need to be aware of the 3 generations, and argues that we need to adequately understand information needs before we rush into technology solutions.   “Information architecture has changed dramatically over…


Part III of TOGAF includes guidelines for applying a Service-Oriented Architecture. This free poster from Good e-Learning summarizes how TOGAF sees SOA, and how the ADM can be supplemented with additional resources to support SOA.