101 Lessons from Enterprise Architecture

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101 Lessons From Enterprise Architecture

“101 Lessons From Enterprise Architecture” – a succinct collection of useful tips and guidelines for Enterprise Architects – is now available. This is a book for enterprise architects and anyone interested in the design of our digital future. It explains 101 clear and simple lessons that the author learned from the practical use of enterprise…

What is the Enterprise Lifecycle?

TOGAF doesn’t always provide a good explanation of important terms or phrases. One example is the Enterprise Life Cycle, which is referred to throughout TOGAF. This article – from Good e-Learning – explains why the phrase is useful, and what it means in the TOGAF context.

The Strategic Staircase – Case Study

TOGAF doesn’t explain in much detail how you actually go about producing an Architecture Vision or Roadmap, and this can be particularly difficult if the future is uncertain or turbulent. This case study shows how one European telecoms company used the idea of a strategic staircase to supplement TOGAF. Read the full case study: https://www.goodelearning.com/downloads/enterprise-architecture/the-strategic-staircase-case-study?