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Top 5 Data Architecture Challenges

I’ve just read this interesting article from Ron Huizenga in the IRM Newsletter about the top five Data Architecture Challenges. The challenge areas discussed are: Evolution of methodologies & culture Adapting to changing architecture Complex data environments Data quality Business focus

How to Scale Up Excellence in an Organization

A fascinating 10 minute video from Stanford’s Robert Sutton. It discusses the mind-set and strategies of companies that are most adept at building and spreading high standards. And here is the link to “Robert Sutton’s Guide to Excellence”: http://strat.bz/wqRmb2P.

The Data-Driven Optimist

Data can be very revealing, inspiring and surprizing. Or it can be ignored, overlooked, misused, and abused. Personally I’d prefer if data was used at the end of the spectrum where it can do some good, change perceptions for the better, and make a positive difference in our world. Which is why I was fascinated…

Enterprise Patterns – Free Template

Enterprise Patterns are one of the most useful tools for the EA team to have emerged in recent years. They are a great way to document an aggregate view of the constraints of a current architecture, or the capabilities that are enabled by a target architecture. TOGAF provides a brief outline of the content of…

Capitalizing on Complexity and Uncertainty

Darren Dalcher, one of my colleagues at Cutter Consortium, has written an Advisor about “The Third Knowledge Revolution: Learning to Live with Uncertainty” (Cutter login required) that has a lot of relevance to enterprise architects. My experience, research and client work shows that knowledge is one of eight fundamental factors that we need to include in EA…

Who put the “Enterprise” in Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is a commonly accepted label, used around the world by Enterprise Architects, and yet the meaning of the term continues to provoke debate. “Architecture” – on its own – is not confusing a term. Although some definitions narrow it to buildings, I prefer a more open definition which includes Enterprise Architecture, such as this: “[architecture…