Changing Business Value Models

Changing Business Value Models – How they are having an impact on enterprise architecture is the title of my latest blog written for Orbus Software. It explains how EA needs to adapt to changing business value models.

What Exactly are the Benefits of TOGAF?

TOGAF provides a Framework for any organization wishing to benefit from developing an Enterprise Architecture of anyone wishing to become an enterprise architect. This short 2-minute video from Orbus aims to answer the question: What are the benefits of TOGAF?

What’s the Difference Between Scope and Partition?

There are some things in TOGAF that confuse practitioners over and over. The difference between scope and partition is one of those confusions that comes up as a regular question. This article that I wrote for Good e-Learning explains the key differences, and explain why TOGAF can be confusing.

TOGAF Principles Template – An Interactive Guide

Another free TOGAF resource from Good e-Learning. This time it’s a template for defining Principles. A good set of well-defined Principles are an excellent way to simplify EA decision making. This template covers all of the key things that you need to include to define a good Principle, and includes a great set of questions…

2015 Strategy and Industry Perspectives

Strategy& provide a very useful annual overview of trends, challenges, and opportunities for companies in different industry sectors. These expert views are based on industry discussions, market observation, and data analysis. The industry sectors covered are: Aerospace and Defense Trends; Auto Industry Trends; Aviation Trends; Chemicals Trends; Commercial Transportation Trends; Consumer Goods Trends; Healthcare Trends;…

TOGAF 9 Poster #44 – TOGAF and ArchiMate

TOGAF and ArchiMate are two standards managed by The Open Group and are adopted by more than 80% of the world’s leading enterprises. Our poster explains how these two can be used together to support your Enterprise Architecture work. Click here to view this resource.