Architecting change is a holistic, systemic, big picture approach!


It is holistic in the sense that it covers information about everything, including infrastructure, information, process, knowledge, organization design, skills, and resources. This is an ambitious claim, but it is the information that is united through EA, which then makes it easier to manage the actual architecture components and buildings blocks. Later we will describe the idea of an information map to chart a complete picture of the organizational landscape.


The approach is systemic because it describes the links, dependencies, trade-offs and synergies between each component or part, which is made possible through the rigor imposed through EA. Much manager, employee and customer frustration occurs because it is difficult to think about an enterprise “as a whole”.  While EA does not guarantee to remove this frustration, it does make it much easier to see the big picture!


Enterprise Architecture – the Eight Fundamental Factors,
Roger & Elaine Evernden, pp. 34-35

Originally in the 1st edition (Information First) on page 4