iCMG Architecture World Summit

It’s always interesting to look at the agenda for EA conferences – it’s a good indicator of what architects are actually doing, and the type of concerns they are actually addressing.

Here are some of the things that struck me when looking at the agenda for the forthcoming iCMG Architecture World summit, being held in Bangalore on the 8/9 September 2016:

  • There are some of the usual topics – bridging silos with EA, a common data model for planning, big data, and ITIL IT service management.
  • There are some case studies using SOA – for digital and API banking, and for enhancing end-customer experience.
  • Transformation is getting more mentions than in the past – EA as a transformation vehicle, the transformation journey of CLK-EBS, and the transformation program at ME (Bank).
  • Responses to global crises, such as cyber threats and the refugee crisis are another new-ish theme – refugee management and reintegration, and cyber threat intelligence sharing and automated response. [This is a fascinating topic, and a fantastic use for EA, that I covered in February 2016 in a blog for Cutter – The Role of EA in an Age of Terrorism]
  • The conference is divided into a number of tracks, which again gives some idea of where EA is currently most needed or used – these are Enterprise Architecture, Customer Centricity, Ports/Utilities/Energy, Business Transformation, Telecom Services, BFSI, Healthcare/Smart Cities/Govt., Retail/IOT/Analytics.
  • Finally, the keynotes cover topics such as Why Discovering Enterprise Anatomy Will Provide Game Changing Formula for the Future; Entrepreneurial Energy to Fuel Future Growth; Time Based Separation at London Heathrow (LHR) – an Intelligent Approach; and Opportunity to Change The Destiny as an Entrepreneur. (Also the Refugee Management, mentioned earlier). Interesting here that the entrepreneurial role gets three mentions.

What do you think? Does this give architects a good feeling for the direction of EA over the next few years?