Agile Enterprise Architecture Workshop

The Agile Enterprise Architecture Workshop is a practical workshop giving you a jump start on establishing and embedding an agile EA practice in your enterprise.

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The Agile Enterprise Architecture Workshop covers:

Motivation and Justification

  • The case for agility, and the role of Enterprise Architecture in an agile enterprise
  • Case studies overview: successful sustainable and agile enterprise architectures
  • Metrics – the business case for agile enterprise architecture
  • Balancing business as usual demands with strategic architectural evolution

Enterprise Alignment

  • An integrated enterprise view of organisational, business and technical strategies
  • Enterprise readiness – sensing need and being able to respond; balancing supply and demand
  • Enterprise capabilities – understanding organisational, business and technical demand maturity assessment and evolution
  • Enterprise patterns – delivering architectural solutions

The Agile Operating Model

  • Enterprise Architecture team structures for agility
  • Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture Governance
  • The investment life cycle
  • Upstream and downstream integration:
    • Strategy planning and programme investment
    • Rapid development and implementation
    • Ongoing service delivery


Tools and Techniques for Agility

  • Separating architecture from solution design
  • Getting the right architectural segments, and making the segments work together!
  • Stable structures and dynamic behaviours
  • Making frameworks, artefacts and building blocks work for you (not against you)
  • Managing by wire – how to truly sense and respond

Restrictions on Agility

  • Security, regulation and compliance
  • Integrating cloud and mobile technologies
  • Legacy and heritage architectures
  • Culture, organisation structures, and legacy systems (business and technical)

Practical and Pragmatic (avoiding the ivory tower)

  • Speaking the same language
  • Essential, efficient and effective: just-in time deployment of the appropriate tools and techniques
  • Balancing need, priorities, capability and maturity
  • Using the right metrics, incentives

Trends and their Impact on Agile Enterprise Architecture

  • Alternative technology models: cloud technology, social technologies and services
  • Alternative business models: collaboration, sharing, mergers, acquisitions and divestment
  • Preparing for the next-generation of enterprise architecture

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