Alan Hohne

Alan Hohne, CIO at Westpac in the 1980s, contributed much to key concepts behind modern enterprise architecture.

I’m currently writing an Executive Report for Cutter Consortium on “Architectural Constructs for Agile Products and Processes”. Westpac pioneered many of the architectural constructs necessary for agile architectures.

I was sorry to find that Alan Hohne, who was CIO at Westpac at the time, and who contributed so much to these ideas, passed away in November 2011.

Alan was a great writer, and his work (and the experiences at Westpac) was one of the key inputs to Stephan Haeckel’s masterpiece on Sense Respond.

If you’re not familiar with Sense Respond, take a look at Alan Hohne’s comments in his review of Adaptive Enterprise: Creating and Leading Sense-And-Respond Organizations.