“Enterprise architecture is to information as building architecture is to space.”
– Roger Evernden

On these pages you will find Enterprise Architecture background articles describing new and original Enterprise Architecture techniques.

Enterprise Architecture is the art and science of designing information-based structures. It describes the theory, principles, guidelines, standards, conventions and factors for managing information-based structures within an enterprise.

Enterprise Architecture creates abstractions of an enterprise in the form of drawings, charts, plans, documents, models, designs, blueprints and templates. Collectively these are known as architectural artefacts. Artefacts are used to manage, understand and manage the inherent complexity in an enterprise by creating a holistic picture or map of its principal structural components and their relationship to one another.

Enterprise architecture is a broad discipline that embraces a large number of sub-architectures, such as data architecture, security architecture, network architecture and process architecture. It is a meta-discipline, that embraces ideas from many other disciplines.

The focus of Enterprise Architecture is on how to make an organization more effective. Enterprise architecture techniques are used to leverage information-intense programs and initiatives.

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