Roger Evernden

10 Core Principles for EA

What distinguishes enterprise architecture from other disciplines? One way that I’ve tried to explain this is to describe 10 core principles that are a fundamental part of EA. In this video I explain – what do you think?

Peace and joy to you all in 2019

Peace, joy and success for you in 20192018 has been a challenging year for architects; there are so many changes facing every enterprise, and there are colossal concerns threatening our lovely planet. I hope 2019 brings you peace, joy, and success. Please listen, follow, and share this holiday playlist on Spotify:   

7 techniques that can make you an awesome enterprise architect

Next week I’ll be presenting at the IRM Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2018 in London: How Can Enterprise Architecture Easily Save The World? ‘ll be describing my top seven techniques to make EA an awesome force for change. The techniques are simple, practical, and above all – effective. And they work for all types of architect…

What are the most important moral problems of our time?

Enterprise Architects have a great deal of potential power and influence. How can the Effective Altruism movement help direct our efforts towards the best long-term futures? An introduction to Effective Altruism This TED Talk gives perspective and a sense of scale to the history of humans on planet Earth. We’ve only been around for a…

How to become the best version of you

Can you help me create a ripple? As I approached the later years in my life I started to have doubts about whether I was truly being me… it led me on an amazing quest to rediscover myself, and I ended up relating this story at a TEDx talk [if you don’t know about TED…