Roger Evernden

Architecture Is Not Optional

Once again I’ve been asked: “but do we really need an enterprise architecture”? And as always my response is: enterprise architecture is not optional, and a better question would be: “do we really need to need to manage our enterprise architecture”? Enterprise architecture is not optional – it exists regardless of whether we choose to…

A LEAP in the Dark

This was the title of a presentation that I gave at IRM’s Enterprise Architecture Conference in London, in June 2011. I describe some of the techniques used at one of the most ambitious EA projects in recent years, including the use of Strategic Vectors, Enterprise Patterns, and managing options for future architectural states.

Generic Business Capability Model

Business Capability analysis is well-established as a business and enterprise architecture tool – the tricky bit is creating a good Business Capability Model in the first place. So how great would it be if you could jump-start with a good, pre-defined Generic Business Capability Model? The latest version of the Generic Business Capability Model is…