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How does thinking as an architect increase your chances of being an effective Enterprise Architect?

Thinking “architecturally” will improve your EA career. What is architectural thinking? Is it distinct from other types of thinking? Is it different from systems thinking? I recently wrote a post for LinkedIn about Architectural Thinking– my theme was that the type of thinking we do and the techniques we use in Enterprise Architecture have a wider applicability…

What is Enterprise Architecture? A six minute explanation


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“One of the best and clearest explanations of Enterprise Architecture I have ever seen or read to date! Thank you.”Mj Gumayagay

“Excellent. Informative and to the point.” – Sankar Roy Chowdhury

“Thank you for the clearest definition I have heard. Your explanation is valuable.” – Lynkep Sonrobin

“Nice explanation sir”Jeelu Hyd

“Clear, brief, & to the point.”Ashraf Fouad

“Thanks. This was short and very informative. Excellent sir. Much appreciated.”Angela White-Parker

Free Download – Chapter 3 – the fundamental factors in EA

Click the button below for your free PDF copy of Chapter 3 – the fundamental factors in EA, from our book, Enterprise Architecture: the Eight Fundamental Factors, by Roger and Elaine Evernden. Discover how eight EA factors make it easier for you in your day-to-day practice. This free download gives you Chapter 3 of our book,…

Results of the EA Training Survey

This is a summary of the findings from my recent survey of EA training. This is not rigorous academic research – it’s more informal… a what do students feel about the training currently on offer. It is based on: An online survey I ran at the end of 2017, to find out what architects and…

Top 10 Retail Bank Trends

This should be required reading for anyone working in EA in the financial services sector – this “annual report combines the results of a major global research study with insights crowdsourced from a panel of 100 financial services influencers, industry analysts and banking providers”. Click here to for a summary by Jim Marous of the…

What’s the point of an architecture framework?

A simple overview of why enterprise architecture frameworks are importantArchitecture frameworks have always been a subject for heated debate…. which is probably healthy as it helps architects to expand the potential for enterprise architecture! This post summarises some of the key uses for an architecture framework. I’ve kept it succinct, but also provide some links…

New challenges for a new year

Future trends in EAThe New Year for me is a time to reflect on the future. I think about challenges I would like to face, and things I would like to achieve. Here are my two EA-related goals for 2018: Last year I created a comprehensive range of online EA training. This year I am…