Enterprise Patterns – Cutter IT Journal

I was recently guest editor of an issue of Cutter’s IT Journal: the theme was Enterprise Patterns — the Key to Delivering Enterprise Transformation?:

Change at an architectural level is always transformational. But too often architects have struggled to demonstrate or realize this potential for making a significant, positive difference at the enterprise level. Instead, big changes are more frequently driven by the architectural opportunities from new technologies.

This is starting to change, and leading enterprises are planning architectural change that genuinely combines the organizational, business, and technology perspectives. Enterprise transformation that successfully unites all three viewpoints requires a new technique to raise the architectural debate to the level of senior decision makers.

Enterprise Patterns elevate the debate by:

  • Providing a means for aggregating viewpoints and lower level patterns into a holistic visualization of architectural possibilities.
  • Focusing debate at the architectural and enterprise level by summarizing and synthesizing a mass of detail into a small number of succinct Enterprise Patterns.
  • Highlighting relevant information for key decision makers in a consistent, concise, and comprehensive summary.
  • Grounding discussion around solid choices and measurable outcomes by adding metrics to show the value, costs, risks and options enabled or constrained by an Enterprise Pattern.