7 techniques that can make you an awesome enterprise architect

Next week I’ll be presenting at the IRM Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2018 in London: How Can Enterprise Architecture Easily Save The World? ‘ll be describing my top seven techniques to make EA an awesome force for change. The techniques are simple, practical, and above all – effective. And they work for all types of architect…

How to use generic architectures and leverage reuse using Pareto

There are many EA techniques that improve communication and collaboration between functions and teams – helping everyone to speak the same language. These techniques are vital for integration, standardisation, synergy, and reuse. Many of these are based on the Pareto Principle – find out more in this 9 minute video:

This is just one of the videos in the online Enterprise Architecture Training:

Speaking the Same Language will explain:

  • Sharing Knowledge: how to build a common language through catalogues, reference models, taxonomies, classifications and checklists
  • Taking Advantage of Pareto: how to make best use of the 80:20 rule through generalisation, commonality, and federalisation; how to get real value and benefit from reference models
  • Keeping Track of Things: how to govern creation, use and value of artefacts by making use of your management frameworks

Simple monthly subscription:

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Will this also top 30K views?

Thank you everyone who is supporting my EA YouTube channel. Especially the 36,174 people who have viewed What is Enterprise Architecture? A 6 minute explanation. The feedback has been so encouraging, and it helps spur me on to develop more videos. My aim is to continue getting comments like these: “One of the best and…

Is Brexit the worst ever EA project?

Lessons for Enterprise Architecture from BrexitAs I live in the UK it’s not surprising that Brexit is a hot and controversial topic. Last night Elaine and I were recounting everything that we felt had gone wrong during the Brexit process (it was a long conversation), and I started thinking about Brexit as if it were…

Why bother with Enterprise Architecture?

Do you find it difficult to explain the value in using Enterprise Architecture? A lot of discussions about Enterprise Architecture trip up because they end up debating whether we need EA or not. This often ends up being a matter of opinion! If you are struggling to “prove” the value of EA, take a look…

How Can Enterprise Architecture Easily Save The World?

Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2018 BPM Conference Europe 2018 22-25 October 2018, London I am looking forward to speaking at IRM’s co-located conferences on Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management, 22-25 October 2018, London. This is one of my favourite EA conferences. It provides an excellent opportunity to mix with architects from a wide variety…

Lesson #33 – Success is 80% planning and thinking

Another extract from 101 Lessons from Enterprise Architecture – “success is 80% planning and thinking”. (If you want to know about the previous 80% claim mentioned here… it’s in Lesson #32 “success is 80% persistence”. Read more… download the free extract from the book.) I’m very aware of this lesson right now, as I’m busily planning and…