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Using TOGAF to Implement a Successful Enterprise Architecture

Last Thursday I hosted a new Webinar for Good e-Learning. If you missed it I believe you can still register to watch the recording. https://www.goodelearning.com/webinars/enterprise-architecture/using-togaf-to-implement-a-successful-ea?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social_Organic&utm_campaign=Webinar_TOGAF_Webinar_Last_Chance_190521&fbclid=IwAR2J1li5NdJx7Q9jY5aCc7tKbZh4C2rmCVl-p_MMB3Tw5snv_NkxV_r1YTw

10 Core Principles for EA

What distinguishes enterprise architecture from other disciplines? One way that I’ve tried to explain this is to describe 10 core principles that are a fundamental part of EA. In this video I explain – what do you think?

Peace and joy to you all in 2019

Peace, joy and success for you in 20192018 has been a challenging year for architects; there are so many changes facing every enterprise, and there are colossal concerns threatening our lovely planet. I hope 2019 brings you peace, joy, and success. Please listen, follow, and share this holiday playlist on Spotify:   

What are the most important moral problems of our time?

Enterprise Architects have a great deal of potential power and influence. How can the Effective Altruism movement help direct our efforts towards the best long-term futures? An introduction to Effective Altruism This TED Talk gives perspective and a sense of scale to the history of humans on planet Earth. We’ve only been around for a…

A scarce skill set again? Are you surprised?

A 2017 CIO survey by Harvey Nash and KPMG shows that EA is the fastest growing tech skill in demand. While this is clearly a good thing for all budding architects I am concerned that the emphasis on such studies is still on technical skills… and yet the best architects that I’ve ever met have…