A Meta Framework

It is probably true to say that every book has one major theme running through it, and probably a few sub-themes. Writing the second edition of a book is a great opportunity to revisit its primary topic to see whether it is still relevant or not. I found it really interesting to revisit the book I wrote with Elaine over ten…

What’s wrong with IFW?

I created Information FrameWork (IFW) as an architecture framework – but IBM seem to have lost sight of this over the years, and now the phrase is used as the collective marketing term for a set of industry models. This is from a comment I made to a discussion on LinkedIn: What is wrong for…

Financial Services Data Model

The history of the Financial Services Data Model is an interesting tale for anyone who wants to know more about the evolution of architectural frameworks. Mike Sager has recorded hist personal recollections on his blog: 1. Financial Services Data Model – early years 2. Financial Services Data Model – under the radar