Information Obesity – keynote now on YouTube

I recently discovered a DVD with a 30-minute video of a keynote that I gave back in 2004 at the Online Information conference in Olympia, London – which is now added to my YouTube channel on Enterprise Architecture. I think the original argument still holds true: we are producing information faster than our capacity to use it:


The thing I like most about sharing ideas through blogs and posts is the feedback that I get. My recent post (EA Frameworks or Ontologies) got a comment from Tom Graves, which included a reference to a blog from Chris Lockhart with the great title Frankenframeworks – which has some great comments about our use of frameworks in EA And…

EA Frameworks or Ontologies?

How do we get the best out of EA frameworks and ontologies?If you are interested in improving our use of EA frameworks, you might find my latest post on LinkedIn interesting: EA Frameworks or Ontologies? Do you think that the terms frameworks, ontologies, taxonomies, schema are often confused? Do you ever feel that there is a better…

Instead of creating yet more architecture frameworks, EA practitioners need to collaborate more to describe the EA meta-framework – the underlying foundation that is common to every EA framework and approach.

Roger Evernden

Levels of Understanding

What is distinctive about architectural thinking?I’ve been meaning to write a summary of the Levels of Architectural Understanding for some time. Finally I got around to it. You can read the post on LinkedIn Pulse: Levels of Architectural Understanding. Understanding is one of the eight fundamental factors in EA.

Systems and EA

How does systems thinking really apply to enterprise architectureOne of the things I like most about the festive season is the chance to reset – there’s space and time to think about what happened in the previous year, what the future might bring, and most of all – time to spend with the special people in your…

A Meta Framework

It is probably true to say that every book has one major theme running through it, and probably a few sub-themes. Writing the second edition of a book is a great opportunity to revisit its primary topic to see whether it is still relevant or not. I found it really interesting to revisit the book I wrote with Elaine over ten…

The Gill Framework: Do We Need Another EA Framework?

We already have too many predefined frameworks for enterprise architecture, and that a better approach is to create the frameworks you need as and when you need them, starting from a small set of fundamental factors that are critical for effective EA. So why is this Cutter Advisor about yet another EA framework, and especially…