How to use generic architectures and leverage reuse using Pareto

There are many EA techniques that improve communication and collaboration between functions and teams – helping everyone to speak the same language. These techniques are vital for integration, standardisation, synergy, and reuse. Many of these are based on the Pareto Principle – find out more in this 9 minute video:

This is just one of the videos in the online Enterprise Architecture Training:

Speaking the Same Language will explain:

  • Sharing Knowledge: how to build a common language through catalogues, reference models, taxonomies, classifications and checklists
  • Taking Advantage of Pareto: how to make best use of the 80:20 rule through generalisation, commonality, and federalisation; how to get real value and benefit from reference models
  • Keeping Track of Things: how to govern creation, use and value of artefacts by making use of your management frameworks

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