DevOps is an emerging set of principles, methods and practices for communication, collaboration and integration between software development and IT operations professionals (see Wikipedia for an overview).

The latest Cutter report, Embedding Devops in the Enterprise, features insight from devops guru Patrick Debois, with contributions from Ernest Mueller, Bill Keyworth, Scott Ambler, Alex LeQuoc, and Kief Morris.

To deliver the real benefits and value from Enterprise Architecture requires close collaboration with the development and operations teams. So it is surprising that communication and shared knowledge between these three areas is an issue in many organizations. DevOps is an opportunity for the EA community to improve this situation.

In particular, DevOps helps provide some common language and terminology between development and operations. A large part of EA is also about establishing a common language to be able to discuss architectural issues at all levels in the enterprise.

Architecture is the foundation for development and operations, and so it is vital to bridge gaps between architecture, design and the delivery process, and to gather feedback, metrics and insight from operations. Improved communications in the vital triangle of architecture, development and operations will result in greater agility and an improved response to business and strategy needs.

And continuous delivery – through frequent software releases – can achieve ongoing benefits and improvements to the enterprise and its customers. The maximum value results from basing evolution around clearly defined Enterprise Patterns.