FREE Download – Architecting organizational change – Chapter 2

There are very few good introductions to Enterprise Architecture – partly because it is a BIG subject, and partly because most hands-on books assume that you know what EA is all about.

This free download gives you Chapter 2 of our book, Enterprise Architecture – the eight fundamental factors. It provides a simple and straightforward introduction to Enterprise Architecture.

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“Enterprise architecture is a term that is applied to the structure and organization of the components that make up an enterprise. It is therefore a key part of managing an enterprise.

EA embraces a rich tapestry of techniques, drawn from disciplines as diverse as computer science, information science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, library management, management theory, knowledge management, programming, information engineering and object-oriented methodologies.

EA is a foundation discipline describing the theory, principles, guidelines, standards, conventions and factors for managing an enterprise architecture. It produces drawings, charts, plans, documents, designs, blueprints and templates, to help everyone in the enterprise be efficient, effective, productive and innovative.”

This free, no-obligation download to help you understand what Enterprise Architecture is and how it is used. (We are hoping, of course, that you might buy a copy of our book after you’ve read this chapter)

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