Free Download – Chapter 3: the fundamental factors in EA

Discover how eight EA factors make it easier for you in your day-to-day practice. This free download gives you Chapter 3 of our book, Enterprise Architecture – the eight fundamental factors. It provides a detailed overview of the fundamental factors.Click on the Free Purchase button below.

The eight factors give you a powerful and proven approach that will save you both time and effort, and help you deliver the real results that matter to your stakeholders.

Nearly all EA approaches start with their own architecture framework. Some EA approaches emphasize the need to adapt and customize the material they provide. However, most EA approaches don’t fully explain the importance of the fundamental factors. Instead of starting with the basic or primary building blocks of EA, they start at a composite or secondary level, with components that are already combined or merged – in a pre-defined architecture framework.

“Unlike starting with a pre-defined EA framework, the 8 factors are readily customized – by ignoring factors that you don’t need, adapting them if they are not quite right, or extending them if you need something extra. Starting with the fundamental factors allows you to create the architecture framework or frameworks that you really need. By contrast, starting with a pre-defined EA framework is far less likely to provide you with the right framework for the specific needs of your enterprise.”

This free, no-obligation download helps you understand the benefits in starting with the fundamental factors rather than with a pre-defined framework.

To find out more about the fundamental factors and a meta-framework approach to EA:

“Instead of creating yet more architecture frameworks, EA practitioners need to collaborate more to describe the EA meta-framework – the underlying foundation that is common to every EA framework and approach.” – Roger Evernden