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Click here for the Enterprise Architecture shop – the home of practical tools, templates, models, articles and support:

  • for analysing and architecting an enterprise
  • for managing enterprise complexity
  • for defining and implementing strategic change
  • for capturing information and knowledge about enterprise architectures
  • for a holistic approach to managing enterprise architecture as an asset

Enterprise architecture techniques are recognized as an effective way to manage enterprise complexity and change. There is an urgent need to quickly demonstrate value and rapidly deliver benefits. Pre-defined models and templates can make a huge difference by improving productivity, reducing implementation time, and increasing the chance of success.

The tools, templates, and models in this shop supplement all other software tools, repositories or approaches:

  • by providing a jump-start and saving 40% to 80% of time and effort
  • by providing high-quality and high-value content
  • by providing a set of artefacts that are designed to work perfectly together

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