Economic Purpose – the intersect between social purpose and good business

For anyone in EA who thinks we need to be doing more than simply making the fat cats fatter… this deck from the Economist Group describing Economic Purpose – where social purpose and good business interact. It found three types of benefit in the overlap between financial business health and commitment to social purpose.

This idea is one of the principles I’ll describe in a forthcoming talk How Can Enterprise Architecture Easily Save The World? with @RogerEvernden, 24 October at the #EntArch and #BPM Conference London #eacbpm

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor at Harvard Business School, is quoted saying that:

“Great companies create frameworks that use societal value and human values as decision-making criteria… At great companies [financial] profit is not the sole end; rather, it is a way of ensuring that returns will continue.”

[Source: “How Great Companies Think Differently” by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business Review, November 2011]

The deck goes on to define Economic Purpose and describe its four key characteristics.