Enterprise Patterns – Free Template

Enterprise Patterns are one of the most useful tools for the EA team to have emerged in recent years. They are a great way to document an aggregate view of the constraints of a current architecture, or the capabilities that are enabled by a target architecture.

TOGAF provides a brief outline of the content of a typical pattern, but it doesn’t provide a template for one. This free template from Good e-Learning is an easy download – all you have to do is complete a simple registration, and then all of free EA and business process resources are available for you to download!

The Enterprise Pattern template is based on an adapted version of the TOGAF suggested content of a pattern, plus some added practical tips and comments and some additional materials which I’ve added to provide a robust and useful template for defining enterprise patterns. You can download the Enterprise Pattern template as a ZIP file containing a Word document.

In addition, there is also a free Poster – in the Good e-Learning TOGAF poster series – about Architecture Patterns. Patterns put Building Blocks into context. The poster explains architecture patterns, summarizes the content of a pattern, and provides examples of patterns and forces. You can download this as a PDF or ZIP file.