Generic Business Capability Model

Front Cover - Generic Business Capability Model
Generic Business Capability Model – Front Cover


Each Generic Business Capability has a full definition (see the example, in the additional pictures) that describes what is covered by the capability, the verbs used for activities supporting the capability, a typical set of objectives for the capability, the main categories of information that are used by the capability, the impact or potential for the capability, and the consequences of mismanaging the capability.

The first release of this model was in 1997, and since then the model has regularly been updated and enhanced.

Capability Hierarchy

Capability Hierarchy

RTF document – 76 pages, 21,000 words

  • Detailed definition for each function, including typical objectives, the main information categories affected, the impact or potential and problems caused when mismanaged
  • Use the Word outline facility to view the hierarchical structure

RTF document, 78 pages, 21,500 words

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Marketing Capability - Definition

Marketing Capability – Definition