How to become the best version of you

Can you help me create a ripple?

As I approached the later years in my life I started to have doubts about whether I was truly being me… it led me on an amazing quest to rediscover myself, and I ended up relating this story at a TEDx talk [if you don’t know about TED talks – they are amazing – click here to discover].

This talk has just been posted on YouTube, and I’d really like to get this message to as many people as possible. The idea really helped me to be more me – I feel I have become a better version of myself and that I am achieving more of my full potential in life.

I believe passionately that this idea could really help others – so I want to spread the word.

Can you help? If this idea interests you, please

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If you forward this to friends or colleagues who would be fascinated by this, then you will help me make a positive difference in this world!

Thank you so much!