Lesson #33 – Success is 80% planning and thinking

Another extract from 101 Lessons from Enterprise Architecture – “success is 80% planning and thinking”.

(If you want to know about the previous 80% claim mentioned here… it’s in Lesson #32 “success is 80% persistence”. Read more… download the free extract from the book.)

I’m very aware of this lesson right now, as I’m busily planning and thinking about my forthcoming TEDx talk (Folkestone – June 23rd).A TED talk is very different from the presentations that dominate Enterprise Architecture – if you are interested to know how and why it’s so different, then I’d recommend “Giving a TED-Style Talk? Here’s How They’re Different from Business Presentations” by Jezra Kaye.

The team behind the Folkestone event are amazing – they have been so helpful and supportive throughout the preparation process. The key to success is very much in the 80% or more that is planning and preparation.

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