Linear Thinking in EA

How do we model architecture?

I’ve just received an invitation to an AEA Webinar with Len Fehskens – The Siren Song of Linear Thinking. 

Unfortunately I’m unable to join this event, but it sounds very interesting – to what extent is the practice of enterprise architecture based around simple, linear models?

From experience I would say that early generations of enterprise architects tended more towards simplistic architectural models, but that subsequent generations have had to expand their models to recognise the ever-growing interdependence of components and their combination in networked and systemic forms.

It may be that when architects only use simple, linear models they are not thinking as architects. It may be, as I’ve said elsewhere, that “architectural thinking involves thinking about things holistically; seeing how changes in one domain impact other domains; understanding interdependence; leveraging chaos, complexity and emergence.

In other words, you can’t be an enterprise architect or do enterprise architecture without using a vast range of different models – from simple and linear to complex and systemic.