Good architects also need to be good “marketects”: they must be able to sell and promote their cause as well as publicize their achievements, outcomes, and results. But how do they do this? What tips and guidelines from the world of marketing can architects adopt to their advantage? Read more in my latest Cutter Consortium Update – Marketecture: Selling Your Causes

If you need to some more tips, try these links:

  • Well-Tailored IT: “A sophisticated, strategically oriented IT function is a desirable goal for any company. It’s especially desirable when the business’s distinctive capabilities rely heavily on information technology.” Peter Burns, David Hovenden, and Mark Johnson “recommend a process for discovering and putting into place a coherent focus for the IT function targeted to the particular value proposition of your company.” They identify six ways for IT to create value for an enterprise through the improved deployment of technology.
  • Richard Kauffeld, Curt Mueller, and Adam Michaels write about “Designing the Right Supply Chain“. They describe a number of different Supply Chain Models, such as Go-to-Market and Complexity Management, and their characteristics.