Modelling Strategy Information

New Workshop:

Modelling Strategy Information – practical techniques for using information models to drive and monitor strategic change

Since the 1970s companies have been using data modelling techniques to define and analyse their data requirements. Data modelling is well established, providing a foundation for developing information systems such as operational databases and data warehousing.But attributive information – the type of information on which data modelling is based – only forms 20% of the information that is used to run a large corporate organisation. Modelling more complex forms of information – such as information about strategic plans or information about processes and workflow – requires a different set of skills and techniques.This workshop provides a thorough introduction to modelling complex information. By “complex” I mean information that is usually stored in documents rather than in a database and tends to be much more open to interpretation or experience. This is information that is much harder to understand and difficult to monitor and manage. The workshop will show you how to apply simple information management techniques to structure and store this information. Using information modelling techniques the information can be used to effectively drive and monitor strategic change. I have extensive experience in developing and applying advanced information modelling techniques to tricky problems facing enterprises today, and in developing information models of strategic plans and ensuring that such models are used to both drive and monitor change programs.More than 70% of the information in strategic plans is lost or becomes unused within 12 months.

Feedback loops ensure that the information is kept up-to-date and that any new knowledge or insights are added to the strategic plan. This results in more effective change programs and a strong alignment with strategic targets and goals.

Target audience

Delegates will

  • Practitioners who need to know techniques, tips, guidelines, skills, experiences and anecdotes
  • Information managers
  • Strategy planners
  • Change managers
  • Anyone involved in storing or distributing strategic planning information
  • Management information specialists
  • Understand the principles for modelling strategic information
  • Learn new techniques for analysing and defining strategies and action plans
  • Be able to capture strategy plans using a rigorous and structured approach
  • Be able to select alternative ways to present strategy information in concise and manageable formats

Topics covered

  • Characteristics of strategy information
  • The main types of strategic information
  • How to model strategic information
  • Making the information available to all stakeholders
  • Strategic vectors
  • From document-based to model-based analysis
  • Organisational learning and feedback loops
  • . . . and much more
Booking information
The two-day workshop is provided on your premises for a fixed price of £2,400*. I recommend a maximum of 10 delegates per seminar.

* Travel and accommodation expenses are charged at cost. VAT may be charged at the appropriate rate.

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