New challenges for a new year

Future trends in EA

The New Year for me is a time to reflect on the future. I think about challenges I would like to face, and things I would like to achieve.

Here are my two EA-related goals for 2018:

  • Last year I created a comprehensive range of online EA training. This year I am going to focus my efforts on providing detailed practical explanations and examples showing how to use EA techniques effectively. My aim is to supplement the existing training modules, and build a comprehensive reference that will be useful to architects from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. This will be available as part of the monthly subscription package. (If you don’t know about this – it’s a simple low-price monthly subscription that gives you full, unlimited access to all of my online EA training.)
  • Another topic that intrigued me in 2017 was applying Architectural Thinking to a broad range of domains, and taking EA beyond its traditional boundaries of an “enterprise”. I’m keen to explore this theme further in 2018: how can architectural thinking help solve the really big concerns that are facing our planet? As part of this quest I’m keen to explore where Enterprise Architecture fits in the broader context of how we all make conscious decisions in our lives.

I am looking forward to another exciting year of debate and collaboration with my friends and colleagues.

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