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Becoming Our Many Selves is a talk about the imbalance many of us experience in our lives… In the bustle and hustle of our daily lives the emphasis is so often on achievements and getting things done, and so little on simply being authentic. At the same time, we are all multi-faceted – but throughout society our culture focuses on a single, dominant aspect of our being. So, when we are encouraged to be ourselves, the emphasis is on what our dominant self does.

In this talk, Roger Evernden draws upon his personal struggles with the dichotomy between being and doing, and between single and multiple selves, in a quest to find an effective approach to personal growth and wholeness. The idea is that there is a central path somewhere between self-help and psychology, and between our external behaviours and our inner soul.

Roger shares his quest for fulfilment, a journey from uncertainty and doubt to a more confident sense of purpose in life. The key message is that, if we choose to, we can all embrace our own diversity – we can all become our many selves. Roger talks about how he become more aware of this diversity, by separating who we are from what we do, and by creating situations which allow our many selves to thrive. Would this approach work for you?


The talk draws upon many of the other models for personal understanding. Some useful links might be:

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