Free EA Resources

Here are some links to practical, useful, and (mainly) free EA resources.

  • TOGAF: A set of free posters and other resources that I’ve produced with Good e-Learning:
    • TOGAF Posters – a series of free posters, each focusing on one aspect of TOGAF
    • TOGAF Videos – a series of short (under 2 minute) videos, covering key TOGAF topics
    • The TOGAF Blog – a regular blog about key things you need to know to help you pass the TOGAF exam


  • The Business Capability Map: The “Rosetta Stone” of Business/IT Alignment, This Cutter Consortium Executive Report by William Ulrich and Michael Rosen discusses how capability mapping enables business analysis and business/IT architecture alignment. Among the topics discussed are capability mapping, IT architecture transformation, the use of capabilities to specify service-oriented architecture (SOA), and the transformation of core IT architectures.