TOGAF Posters

These are a set of free posters that I’ve developed with Good e-Learning (online e-training specialists), summarizing key aspects of TOGAF:

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#37 – Architecture Contracts (August 2014)

Architecture contracts are agreements between developers and sponsors on the deliverables, quality, and fitness-for-purpose of an architecture. This poster examines the role of architecture contracts in TOGAF.

#36 – Requirements Management (August 2014)

Requirements Management is at the center of the ADM process. Every phase of the ADM produces outputs and requires inputs that are managed through the Requirements Management process. This poster summarizes the ADM Requirements Management Phase.

#35 – Phase H Architecture Change Management (August 2014)

As the architecture evolves there will always be new requirements – whether anticipated or unexpected. Phase H describes the TOGAF approach for managing changes to the architecture.Our poster provides an overview of the Architecture Change Management process.