Enterprise Architecture coaching and mentoring

Since its introduction in February 2005, coaching and mentoring has rapidly become one of my most popular services. It’s easy to see why – it appeals to busy executives and architects who are looking for simple and practical ways to boost their productivity. And no-one else provides a service like this.

A unique service – personal coaching in the skills of using information

As your skills become more sophisticated you need more advanced and refined support, but time is scarce and costs need to be kept low. That’s when you need the Enterprise Architecture Coach!

You may have specific goals in mind, or you may be looking to broaden your own repertoire of skills. Whatever your existing skills and needs, this service offers you support in achieving both.

Why is this coaching service different?

  • It is personal. Coaching involves a relationship with your coach that’s tailored to your needs and aims. We collaborate to help you achieve what you want.
  • It is outcome-focused. You decide the goals. As your coach my role is supportive – helping you select techniques so that your goals have every chance of being achieved and helping you stay focused in working towards those goals.
  • It is there exactly when you need it. My services can be provided by internet, email and phone. Coaching helps you explore yourself – to find out how you go about things, to discover yours strengths, and to work on your limitations.
  • It is cost effective. Eliminating unnecessary travel costs and allowing payment simply for the time that is actually used to work with you means that I can provide the very highest professional support and unbeatable value for money.

What can coaching provide?

  • Review and critique of documents, presentations, strategies, blueprints, and all other architectural artefacts.
  • Getting buy-in at all levels. Helping to explain and persuade colleagues about the importance of information-related issues.
  • Mediating between separate agendas. Providing an independent viewpoint. Resolving political challenges.
  • Development of goals and strategies. Breaking goals into achievable steps. Defining a critical path to meet deadlines.
  • Working as a partner. Identifying and building necessary resources and skills. Lightening the load in the cart.
  • Addressing change management issues. Being realistic about the scale of change. Meeting expected resistance to change. Ensuring continuity and integrity with all other change programs.
  • Balancing need, resources, schedules and budget. Implementing by demand.
  • Introducing templates, patterns, processes and other standards. Establishing reuse and appropriate levels of modularity and granularity.
  • Analysing and defining roles and responsibilities. Improving cross-fertilization of ideas and resources between departments, projects and teams. Instituting team level collaboration.
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis. Turning theories and ideas into practical and useful tools. Helping to keep heads above the trenches.
  • Benchmarking and evaluating against practice and techniques at other organizations.
  • Helping to extract appropriate details and knowledge of business processes or business rules. Understanding the broader context of work (process) as well as knowing the details (tasks).

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