Simplifying through organization – #56

I was reminded last week of the need to simplify through organization. A client had the usual EA documentation – masses and masses of diagrams, slides, documents – all in a glorious muddle. A simple classification scheme started to turn the mess into something more useful and reusable.

Here is lesson #56 from 101 Lessons From EA:

slide56As you find out more information it is inevitable that requirements, plans and designs grow and become bigger.

It is easier to manage if you can keep things as simple as possible.

Group similar things together.

Use the same format and structure for items that are of a similar type.

Arrange information hierarchically.

Review materials and simplify them.

All of these help to keep things simple.

Source: 101 Lessons From Enterprise Architecture, by Roger Evernden

101 Lessons describes common-sense things about EA that can easily get overlooked or forgotten. Each insight uses a two-page format – a brief explanation and an illustration highlighting the key points in a whimsical or diagrammatic way.

The inspiration for writing this book was the best-selling, 101 Things I Learned In Architecture School, by Matthew Frederick.