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A healthy economy – architect to thrive, not grow

Too often we create architectures to support economic growth… but judged from many perspectives this is unsustainable and unethical. We should be creating architectures that are fair, sustainable, and universally beneficial. Although not directly about enterprise architecture, this fascinating TED talk has many insights that we need to share and take on board for EA:…

Is Brexit the worst ever EA project?

Lessons for Enterprise Architecture from BrexitAs I live in the UK it’s not surprising that Brexit is a hot and controversial topic. Last night Elaine and I were recounting everything that we felt had gone wrong during the Brexit process (it was a long conversation), and I started thinking about Brexit as if it were…

101 Lessons from EA – #13 – Arrangement versus complexity

Lesson 13 from my book, 101 Lessons from Enterprise Architecture is about the use of arrangement to manage complexity.

In an earlier post I asked for advice on whether I should publish a new edition of this book. Thank you to everyone for your valuable feedback and advice… I shall be updating the book during the course of this year, with a new edition planned for next year.

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