The Future of Enterprise Architecture Training – invitation to respond to a survey

I am passionate about Enterprise Architecture, and that means that I care very deeply about the way in which architects learn their trade. I am constantly seeking better ways to explain what EA is all about and help individuals or teams to develop their EA capabilities.

One exciting innovation is the approach that I’ve developed with Vesta Corporation over the last 12 months – which uses a blend of interactive webinar, online training materials, assignments, and feedback over a series of monthly sprints. I’m giving a presentation about the amazing results this week, at the IRM Enterprise Architecture Conference in London – Mentoring an EA Team: A Case Study at Vesta Corporation.

I think that we could do a much better job at training enterprise architects! I’d like to know what you think. Please spare a few minutes to complete this survey about The Future of Enterprise Architecture Training. I will publish a summary of the responses later in the year, and your feedback will help to make future EA training better suited to the needs of our students.

Thank you!