The Squandered Computer

Going back over some old notes I rediscovered a great book you should know about! An editorial in the Wall Street Journal, on 20 December 1996, said:

“In the near future somebody will write a book about how executives in the 1990’s spent too much money on information technology because they were afraid to manage it properly. They put their trust in technological experts to deliver business value from I.T. investments.”

If you are not familiar with the writing of Paul Strassmann then I would recommend that you check him out. Although he writes mainly about the use of technology, he also has a lot to say about information management issues.

The Squandered Computer offers a new way to interpret the economics of computerization through economic or financial principles that guide spending on information technologies. “It shows how misperceptions and negligence diminish the worth of perhaps the most potent tool, since the invention of fire, ever placed in the service of humanity.”

The Squandered Computer: Evaluating the Business Alignment of Information Technologies“, Paul A. Strassmann, New Canaan, Connecticut: The Information Economics Press, 1997