TOGAF® is here to stay… there is a high probability that, given its general acceptance as a “standard” architecture framework, it will be here for some time to come.

So it is inevitable that at some stage there will be a new version of TOGAF®. But what will be new in a new version? What will be improved? Is there anything that might be removed?

The process of developing a new version of TOGAF® is conducted behind closed doors, by a team of people from the Open Group and participating members. The rest of us are left to speculate on what we would like to have in a new version and on what is likely to be included.

It’s a mixture of conjecture and hope – which is the title of a two-part white paper that I’ve written recently for Good e-Learning, discussing my thoughts on what will be included in the upcoming TOGAF®.

  • TOGAF®… Will It Last? – gives a more detailed view on whether TOGAF® will survive or not
  • TOGAF® 10 – Conjecture and Hope – Part 1
  • TOGAF® 10 – Conjecture and Hope – Part 2